What is the Learning Hub?

The Learning Hub is a technology-rich learning environment with both physical and virtual components. We serve students within the Buffalo Trail Public School district as well as others throughout the province. We teach both in school and online, synchronously and asynchronously. 

We support a variety of students, many who are seeking a course not offered by their school or an alternate environment and/or delivery method. This includes students with timetable conflicts from other BTPS schools, students learning from home or afar, adults wanting to complete courses towards their high school diploma, and parents who are wanting to home educate their children.

Our main mode of delivery is asynchronous online learning which allows students the flexibility to connect with their learning material when it is best for them. We offer the full complement of Alberta Education core courses and many complementary courses for high school students. We also offer the core courses for junior high students. 

We connect with our students through our learning management systems (Hapara and Google Classroom) as well as through email, Google Meet, on the phone, or in person.