Adult / Upgrading

Are you are an adult looking to complete a diploma, a college student needing a course, or a student looking to catch up on your secondary education? 

The Learning Hub can help you fulfill requirements that you may be missing. We offer courses that can help you obtain an Alberta High School Diploma, Certificate of Achievement, High School Equivalency Diploma, or to complete high school as a Mature Student.

Adult / Upgrading Registration

For Adult / Upgrading, please register with us directly by following the steps outlined on our registration page.

Things to consider:

Asynchronous course delivery

All of our courses are taught in an asynchronous manner, meaning that it is the student's responsibility to access, read, and engage with the material. Teachers do not teach live courses, but they can be contacted regularly for help with the material. Teachers will be accessible by email and/or schedule Google Meet sessions.

To access course material, you need:

● Access to a Chromebook, computer or laptop per student. Attempting to
complete a course on a cellphone is not advised.
● Reliable internet access - we suggest that you sign up for unlimited data if
● Working microphone and camera.
● Ability to download computer applications, such as Chrome add-ons and

Student Check In

It is an expectation that students remain in regular contact with their teacher
throughout their course. This may occur through email, Google Meet, etc.